Super HydroGel - Silver Genesis

Rejuvenates skin tissue. Neutralises bacterial, viral and fungal activity. Deep hydrating and  moisturising action.

Active in the treatment of: Acne, Cuts, Burns, Dry skin irritation, Eczema, Eye infections, Fever blister, Fungal infections, Itchiness, Insect bites, Nappy rash, Psoriasis, Skin rash, Shingles, Sores and Bed sores, Skin cancer, Sunburn, Ulcers. Apply frequently. 


Excellentas an aftershave or skin moisturizer. 


Contains: Seaweed Extract, Aloe Ferox, Lavender Oil, Carrot Oil and energized using nano silver technology (Coloidal Silver). 

Super HydroGel - Silver Genesis