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Septogard Natural Antibiotic 60 Tablets - Tibb

Natural Antibiotic - Your body\'s natural defence against infections

Septogard Tablets and Syrup have been referred to as \'nature\'s antibiotic\'. Septogard has been scientifically formulated to help bring bacterial and viral infections under control, as well as to boost the immune system. The Tablets and Syrup contain a clever combination of natural ingredients relied on for thousands of years to heal and restore. Tinospora cordifolia, well known for its immunomodulatory response (stimulates the immune system), Emblica officinalis also known for boosting immunity. Rubia cordifolia - immunity booster and antimicrobial activity and Saussurea lappa, immunity booster


• Upper respiratory tract infections(URTI)
• Lower respiratory tract infections(LRTI)
• Ear, nose & throat infections
• Skin and soft tissue infections and inflammation
• Allergic disorders of the upper respiratory tract
• Urinary tract infections (UTI)
• Resistance to antibiotic therapy
• Sore throat
• Cough relief

Septogard Natural Antibiotic 60 Tablets - Tibb


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