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Raw Fynbos Honey 500g  - Simply Bee

All Simply Bee honey is 100 % Fynbos honey from the same hives placed in the buffer zone of the National Park on the West Coast. We are very fortunate to have a beautiful and unique cornucopia of approximately 600 different types of Hopefied Sand Plain Fynbos, previously called Coastal Fynbos, from which our bees forage. There are a variety of factors that will influence the colour and taste of our honey: When we harvest early in the flower season, there are many blossoms and flowers in our veldt, and the honey harvested will be light in colour with a more florally aroma and milder taste. Later in the season, when most of the small flowers are gone, we will have a big selection of bushes and reeds in flower. Specific plants in our veldt have very strong aromas such as the Sugarbush (Protea repens), Wild 'Buchu" and other Proteaceae species, resulting in a dark, herbal tasting Fynbos honey. Weather also plays an important role ­ when we've had a very hot and dry season like the one we have just had on the West Coast, the composition of the pollen in the flowers also change due to lack of moisture, which result in a different smell and taste in the honey.  Size : 500g

Raw Fynbos Honey 500g - Simply Bee

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