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Premular - Flordis

For a time each month, before your menses, are you feeling not quite yourself? Perhaps your mood changes and you feel more worried and irritable? Or are your symptoms more physical, such as headaches, or feeling uncomfortable due to cramping, bloating and breast soreness? If so, Premular may be right for you.


Provide multiple symptom relief

Including breast soreness, mood alterations, irritability, headaches and bloating.

Provide sustained symptom relief

Sustained relief of PMS symptoms shown over time

Help have a regular period

Helps relieve  menstrual cycle irregularities


Premular contains an exclusive extract from the plant, Vitex agnus-castus, also known as Chaste tree. The specific extract used in Premular – known as Ze 440 – has been researched in multiple clinical studies to  relieve PMS symptoms and menstrual irregularities.

Premular - Flordis


    *Please note that online and in-store prices may vary from each other. 

    R99 Standard Shipping
    Free Shipping for retail orders over R1500

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