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Origine 8 Green Tea Extract 30 Capsules - Coyne

Green tea is the oldest herbal tea known to humans, first brewed in 2737 BC. Today millions enjoy it for its many health benefits which include vitality, detoxification, mental focus as well as weight management. These benefits stem from green tea’s rich supply of catechins, regarded as the most powerful of polyphenols providing brain and body with strong anti-oxidant protection. Drinking enough green tea to reap these benefits however can be difficult. Origine 8 is the benchmark in green tea supplementation delivering a revolutionary extract supplement for those seeking both health and vitality.



Proven Benefits of Origine 8

  • 15 x greater bioavailability and absorption over standard green tea extracts.
  • 24 hour all day activity with single daily dose.
  • First of its kind complete catechin absorption.
  • All 8 catechins delivered.
  • Clinically studied and proven.
  • 100% natural plant ingredients.
  • No synthetic or animal substances.
  • Uses live green tea plant material.
  • Each capsule contains 300mg of Pheroid® Enhanced Phytofare® Green Tea.
  • This equates to 150mg of Phytofare® Green Tea and 150mg of Pheroid®.

The traditional method of consuming green tea is consuming it as a drink. However, there are limitations to this method when wanting to obtain the maximum health benefits of green tea or as a supportive aid during the treatment of an illness.

We know today that it is not what you consume but what you absorb that is the most important factor. We need to then ensure that absorption is achieved in a safe and healthy manner.

After years of research, development and collaboration and combining the best of nature with science, Origine 8 is a true breakthrough in not only green tea supplementation but in health.

Origine 8 is now the benchmark in green tea supplementation delivering a revolutionary extract and supplement for those seeking both health and vitality.


Consume 1 capsule in the morning with a meal. It is suggested whilst using Origine 8 that one increases water intake. Do not consume more than 1 capsule in a 24 hour period.

Special Notice:
Investigations made by the European Food Safety Authority have determined that catechin doses in excess of 800 mg per day may pose health concerns including, but not limited to jaundice. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose, and always consume with a meal.

Contra-indications Pregnancy and breastfeeding. Bleeding disorders and those using anti-coagulation medication such as Warfrin. A potential detoxification effect may be experienced which will vary from person to person.  This will be a temporary process, which may last a few hours from first taking Origine 8 up to several days. Whilst this may cause discomfort, it must be noted that it is in fact a positive and necessary process.

Origine 8 contains only 11mg of caffeine per capsule, but this low level may still be stimulatory to those sensitive to caffeine. Appearance 30 clear vegetable capsule containing dark tar like extract packed in glass jar.

Storage: Use within 90 days of opening. Store in cool, dry environment and avoid exposure to light.

Green tea is grown on Senteeko Tea Estate in South Africa

  • Within 6 hours of harvest live plant material is processed using Plandai’s patented extraction process.
  • The finished green tea extract is then supplied from Plandai to North West University where it is enhanced using Pheroid® Delivery Technology and encapsulated.
  • Final product is bottled and packaged in a GMP facility.


30 vegetarian capsules containing:

Phytofare pheroid extract ( 150mg of phytofare green tea extract)

Other: vegetarian capsule, long chain fatty acids, vitamin E

Origine 8 Green Tea Extract 30 Capsules - Coyne


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