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NAD Plus Complex - Largavita

Inflammation and DNA damage is associated with massive amounts of toxins and oxidative stress – the human body cannot cope – resulting in increased levels of free radicals and inflammatory damage. PLUS modern life with multitude stressors, little sleep, less exercise and poor toxic diets = POOR AGEING instead of HEALTHY ageing.


NADplus Complex - 3 complexes:  
All pH encapsulated – absorbed in different parts of digestive system for optimal result.
1. Anti-oxidant:  Pink
Oxidation (robbing cells of electrons) = rust = inflammation (think about it:  the more oxidation/rust, the quicker onset of sickness eg can-cer, diabetes etc
Actively targeting free radicals, added protection against inflammation
Antioxidants made in body, but overload of free radicals in modern life and excessive demand on natural supply – MUST supplement
2. NADplus+ complex:  White
Co enzyme working within mitochondria (power station) by enhancing metabolism and generate energy - it is present in ALL cells. Enhances cell energy, protects DNA. Cells having more fuel via NAD have more energy, function much better, live much longer and stay healthy.
NAD levels drop by 50% at age 25 which makes the cells prone to free radical attack (ageing) people with any form of addiction has less levels on NAD in their cells. 
3. Detox complex:  Grey
Liver (specifically phase 2: environmental toxin removal) and gut – disaster area due to demand    
Assist the liver’s regeneration and detoxification process, getting rid of many toxins of modern life…

NADplus Complex
19 active ingredients, including NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) = decelerating the ageing process. 
•    Excellent anti-oxidative characteristics
•    Collagen boosting 
•    Detoxification
•    Anti-inflammatory
•    Improved immunity
•    Improved skin hydration
•    Energy boosting of human cells
•    Promotion of cell longevity
•    DNA protection
According to RDA of NAD + = separate buying of ingredients would be R3400.00


1 box = 60 100mg veggie caps
1st 2 weeks:  1 capsule per day
Thereafter 2 capsules per day (either am and/or pm) Taken with a meal 

NAD Plus Complex - Largavita


    *Please note that online and in-store prices may vary from each other. 

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    Free Shipping for retail orders over R1500

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