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Eco-friendly TPE Yoga Mat - Samasthiti
TPE Yoga Mat
1830 x 610 x 6 mm
Our TPE yoga mats are made from environmentally friendly, fully recyclable materials.
They have a great non-slip surface, with minimalist laser engraved alignment markings to help perfect your postures without being a distraction.
Two-tone colours means the mat is reversible - can be used with or without alignment markings, and gives you two colour options.
The mat is lightweight making it easy to carry to and from your favourite class.
6mm thick material provides comfortable cushioning, ensuring that you won't be feeling the floor beneath your mat, even in the most demanding asanas.
Caring for your mat:
Your Samasthiti mat can be easily cleaned with a cloth dipped in water and mild detergent. Towel dry after cleaning and allow to air-dry overnight. Always ensure that your mat is completely dry before rolling or using.
Never fold your yoga mat. 
Do not leave mat in direct sunlight. Do not place it in a washing machine or soak it in water.

Eco-friendly TPE Yoga Mat - Samasthiti


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