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Chest Eeze 100ml Syrup - Tibb

Effective & safe herbal bronchodilator

Chest-Eeze is a natural bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulator which is indicated to manage bronchitis, emphysema and whooping cough. The major ingredients, Adhatoda vasica and Curcuma longa exerts anti-inflammatory activity and offers a potent anti-allergic activity. Solanum xanthocarpum has bronchodilatory properties that relieves the constriction of the airway to ease the flow of air while breathing. Ammonium chloride and Solanum xanthocarpum have expectorant properties to expel cough easily. Chest-Eeze helps to reduce the need for long-term steroid therapy.


• Bronchitis
• Emphysema
• Whooping cough
• Asthma (refer to Tibb-asthma syrup)

Chest Eeze 100ml Syrup - Tibb


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