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Bio-Curcumin - Coyne

Anti-inflammatory | Antioxidant | Cardiovascular | Detox

The highly bioavailable curcumin is made from a strategic blend of curcumin (the powerful phytochemical active in turmeric) and turmeric oils to aid absorption and offer a synergistic effect.

It can help reduce inflammation, aid detox and reduce oxidative stress.  

Curcumin is known to be hard to absorb. BIO-CURCUMIN® is clinically proven to be one of the most bio-active curcumin extracts in the world. It is a market leader with scientifically proven benefits.

It contains a unique blend of the most active and potent compounds of turmeric, notably: curcuminoids and ar-turmerone.

Bio-Curcumin® exclusively uses only actives from turmeric - there are no artificial additives commonly used to increase bioavailability in turmeric supplements. Bio-Curcumin is 100% nature-based. This gives the product its unrivalled level of oral bioavailability.

60 Capsules

Bio-Curcumin - Coyne


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