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Anti-burst 65cm Body Ball - Just Sports

Exercise balls, also called Swiss balls, can be used for strengthening the core muscles, as well as a variety of exercises for arms, shoulders and legs. Or you can even use it as a chair to help improve posture and core strength.


Justsports anti-burst exercise balls are made from durable PVC material to increase strength and safety.

Anti-burst balls will not explode like a balloon, however they can still tear or puncture on sharp objects.


Choosing the right size ball for your height:

Height up to 152cm - 45cm ball

153cm to 172cm height - 55cm ball

173cm to 182cm height - 65cm ball

183cm and taller - 75cm ball

(Note that this is just a guideline and some people may prefer to use a bigger or smaller ball.)

Anti-burst 65cm Body Ball - Just Sports


    *Please note that online and in-store prices may vary from each other. 

    R99 Standard Shipping
    Free Shipping for retail orders over R1500

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