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Zumba - more than just a funny dance

Have you ever joined a Zumba Class? When you google Zumba, you'll probably see the photos of beautiful girls in crop tops doing a little dance, ever so elegantly, all facing the same way and doing the same move. This is however not always the case in real life.

We're human and these classes were designed for humans, not robots. They're supposed to be fun and to put some rhythm in your step. The classes are made for everyone - no matter your age or body type. As long as you love to move and get fit - this is the class for you. These classes are a great way to help burn calories and lose weight. They even make that one song get stuck in your head for a few days after class - especially if you mastered the dance move that happens on that specific part of the song. It's a great feeling!

Fair warning - the first class or two of three classes, your hands and feet will feel very dumb. Luckily the first class is for free - just to break the ice. You think you know which way is right and which way is left but these classes challenge more than just your body, it challenges your mind too. Ever wanted to go to brain camp or to improve your balance and coordination? Now's your chance. This class is a classic example of monkey see, monkey do. You basically just follow the leader. Whatever Lene', the instructor, does, you copy. You're probably worried now that you won't be able to keep up... Don't worry! It's a no-judgement zone and if you can't figure out the move, just keep moving and you'll catch the next one. You might think that everyone's watching you shake your booty but everyone's focusing so hard on what to do that no one is worried about what the person next to them is doing.

Zumba is a mix of latin and modern music. Some of the songs are really catchy! Lene' designs a spesific routine for every song and once everyone's learned that song - she changes things up and adds new songs to keep things interesting. Zumba classes are fun to do with friends or to just get your daily cardio session in.

Classes are roughly 45 to 50 minutes and you're likely to break a sweat in that time so remember to bring your water. There's no breaks in between songs but if you feel you need a time out you're more than welcome to take a break in between to gather your breath. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in.

Lene' makes the classes super fun! There's two classes a week and they're conveniently scheduled for after 5pm so that everyone can join after work. Get your heartrate up and get your blood pumping. You'll feel amazing afterwards. Who doesn't like Endorphins!? #happyhormones

To book your spot, contact the instructor directly (on WhatsApp):

Lene' Schutte 060 548 6581

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