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What does Namo stand for?

Over the years Namo has evolved into something that was a simple dream 20 years ago. A merger of many minds that collaborated and inspired each other over time. If we look back and ask who decided that and who did this... I can't really say... it just came to be and today we have this amazing space that feels so wonderful to be in and to be a part of. I often tell visitors that it feels like a holiday working at Namo! The Health Shop is my baby and she's grown into something that litteraly takes my breath away. I can thank so many people but a special thanks to my parents and my husband for all the support and input. So many clients over the years - each leaving a little spec of themselves behind, shaping and forming Namo into what it is today. Hehe this is starting to sound like a speech - probably one I could have easily given at our Grande Opening in September when we re-launched our store. But let me get to what this blog is actually all about... What does Namo stand for?

We get asked this question often... Back when Namo started I can remember that it stood for Natural Motion. In Korean, namo means tree which is just a happy coincidence! When I Googled Namo, I discovered that it also means 'to pay homage to' in Sanskrit - this means to pay deep respect to someone. This is so special to me because we have such a deep respect for nature and the understanding that everything comes from nature. "Nurture from nature", as Joanna Gains would say. My dad always used to ask, "Are you adding value?". We have such a deep appreciation and gratitude for our blessings, our community, our team and our success and I truly feel we're able to add to much value to peoples lives.

But to come to the point - Na-mo, for us, stands for Natural Movement. Now this can mean soooo many things. It's literal natural movement like exercise and dance - which is so good for us. That's why we decided to even re-build the Exercise Studio at Namo - it's so important to keep moving in life (physically and symbolically). There always used to be a sign board outside Coffee and Cream (the then-coffee shop next to Namo) and it read: Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance, you have to keep moving. This is so true, in order to move forward, you have to keep peddling. Like Dory in Finding Nemo: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming! From training for a marathon to engaging all your face muscles to give the brightest smile ever - it's our body's natural movement.

The treatments we do at Namo was the concept that Namo was built on in 2001 - before there was even talk of an Exercise Studio or Health Shop. When we do the Namo Treatment, we try to create as much movement in the body as possible. The muscles, nerves and the spine - all working together to create perfect alignment and great posture - to increase your quality of life! The idea of 'the body can heal itself' is one we strongly believe in - when there's movement in the body, this natural movement towards health can happen much easier. We're just there to assist this natural movement.

Natural Movement also refers to the 'green movement' of the world right now - everyone is becoming more health conscious, more eco conscious and more green conscious. Like back in the day people didn't even think their plastic toothbrush was a problem, and yet now we use bamboo toothbrushes (in an attempt to save the world, one toothbrush at a time). Sometimes it feels like a slow movement but the movement is there - that's for sure. I think in our industry we see it a lot more than in other businesses and it makes my heart so happy to be a first-row witness of this movement.

I'm so excited to see where the natural movement of the world will lead Namo in the years to come! I hope to see each and every visitor at Namo leave a little happier and healthier than when they came in.

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