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The cost of supplements

Health shops are sometimes believed to be expensive. This is not always the case. Recently we've taken on multiple luxury supplement ranges. Some imported and some local. And unfortunately - they're expensive. It's expensive to get quality ingredients. It's expensive to package the product in eco friendly containers. It's expensive to hire experts to help with the perfect formulation. It's expensive to do clinical trials on the products to test for the effectiveness and safety. It's expensive to source the active ingredients from nature instead of making it synthetically in a lab. It's expensive to make the product more bio available via liposomal technology or nano technology.

You can get cheaper products at other retail stores but you have to compare apples with apples. Read your label and check what you're getting. Take Magnesium for example.. is it a powder, a sugar coated tablet, a natural tablet or a capsule? Is it Magnesium Citrate, Glycinate, Chloride, or Aspartate? What is the strength per capsule? All these answers can influence how much Magnesium your cells are actually getting at the end of the day.

Now look there's always the back to nature concept which I love, going in your back yard, harvesting some fresh herbs and consuming them right there or like the well known Kankerbossie.. brewing a pot of tea will give you major benefits but there's just a few of these newly released supplements that's on a whole new level.

My latest experience was with a B Complex, or more specifically, Good Health Products' Activated B Complex. It's a New Zealand brand of really well made supplements. The rep came to do some training on the range that we stocked and then introduced us to this new B Complex and I was like yeah but we already stock so many B Complexes... she then elaborated about the added Choline that was in this which is necessary for brain health and foetal development, amongst many other benefits. As well as that it's a lot more bio available than regular B Complexes. She said that 30min after you take a serving, you have more energy. She left us with a sample and we decided to do a little experiment. I had used B Complexes before but I was curious to see if this one would be any different. We decided to drink a capsule 30min before Pilates class so see if we get more energy. Halfway though class which is roughly an hour after we consumed it, we really started having so much energy. After class I was so happy and bubbly and first I thought it was the endorphins of the Pilates but it had a certain gen-e-se-qua this time. Where I'm normally in bed by 8pm, that night, I was up until just before midnight working on new business ideas and marketing concepts. Full of energy.

It's safe to say now that I suggest taking it in the morning and not after 3 in the afternoon.

Other benefit of these better quality supplements is that you can use less. You'll see that in most cases you only need one a day. This is music to my ears. When I read that I have to take 2 capsules, 3 times a day, I get over it before even starting. That would equal 6 capsules a day - of just that one product. Then I haven't even started with any of my other supplements.

Now I know that the economy is tough and we can't all go around spending thousands on supplements each month. We gét a budget and I always say, taking something is better than nothing. Unfortunately our food doesn't have everything in that it's supposed to have in, so we need to supplement our diet. Come chat to us at Namo and explain to us your needs and your budget and we can help find you the best value.

Bryant McGill said: Health is wealth. Invest while you can.

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