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Stretching - but not the 'koeksister' type

Henk's Stretching classes are amazing! Safe for all ages and because he's a massage practitioner as well, he knows the body really well so he's able to give alternative exercises if your body is unable to do certain movements.

The pattern of the class is always the same. Some might find this boring but I like that you can analyze your body from class to class. I could do this last week, why can't I do it this week!? Or, a month ago I couldn't touch my toes but now I can! It's a great way to see what kind of space your body is in on the day. By being consistently active, you can become conscious of problem areas in the body and pick up on them quicker than someone living a stationary life. It's also easier to fix the body with a quick massage or supplement when the body is in a fairly good state, rather than in a permanent state of distress.

The class is a nice balance of stretching, strengthening, balance and breathing exercises. Right at the end of the class they do a few Chinese Health exercises which is lovely to get that extra boost of oxygen before taking on your day!

There are 11 spots available in the class so make sure to book your mat. They have lovely thick mats in the Namo Studio which is so nice to exercise on without feeling like you're on the floor. Henk also incorporates a big and small exercise ball to do a few of the exercises which is always a great test of your core muscles and balance.

The stretches and movements are quite classic. You're not going to end up being tangled up like a koeksister like in some yoga classes. The exercises are easy to follow - so there's no excuses not to do the class :)

Be sure to book your spot in advance with Henk Liebenberg on WhatsApp: 082 684 5626

PS Classes start at 8am sharp and the duration is +- 30minutes - great way to start the day

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