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Read this before your next period

When I started this blog I decided to be 100% open and honest. I didn't want to shy away from awkward topics or worry what people were going to think. Sometimes health and wellness is raw and messy - but that's life. We have to go through the bad to appreciate the good.

Today I feel that I need to write about something that happened to me that I want to share with all the ladies I know (and don't know) because trust me.. you need to hear this story!

For those of you that know me will know that I get my periods bad. Now when I say bad I mean booked off, in bed, on pain pills for at least a day or two. Normally day one and two is the worst. Heavy flow plus extreme pain. I had better ones and worse ones but never what I considered as just normal where you can go about your day and do normal stuff with some discomfort and irritability.

I tried herbs like feverfew and willow and they did help but nothing like the effects of Nerofen Period Pain Tablets. Unfortunately that was all that worked for me. The problem is one's body doesn't like pain pills. It's very toxic to your liver and you can't afford to be on them the whole time.

Then there's the hormone-herbs like chaste tree and black cohosh.. I've used a few of these in the past as well and they definitely helped a lot with my mood and pms. That I can say for sure but they didn't make the heavy cramps and pain go away.. those types of herbs also helped me be nice and regular which is always a bonus but I was getting fed up of planning my whole life around my period.

I've missed wedding, birthdays, and pretty much every other fun event you can imagine due to my cramps. I remember for three years in a row I had my period on Chritmas day and instead of spending it with family and friends I spent the majority of those special days in bed.

Now why am I telling you all of this... Something amazing happened! A miracle! I decided early in November to spoil myself with some new supplements that I hadn't used in a while. I wanted to go for NAC and FemiScript but then my colleague Yolanda told me how well a product called Hormone Assist helped her daughter. I checked it out and saw that it had NAC in so I decided to leave the NAC and FemiScript and go for the Hormone Assist.. then I only need to drink one capsule instead of taking two different ones. Unfortunately I wasn't really saving on cash, just on effort as the Hormone Assist was costing more than the other two combined but I decided: "Heck, I'm worth it and if it worked so well for her maybe it will help for me too."

Maybe what convinced me was that Yolanda said that it might help me loose weight as well because it helps balance the hormones and fights estrogen dominace - something that I have suspected is causing a lot of my issues.

Being on month two of a new weight loss journey I was keen to try anything that might help me less the kilos. Anyways.. so I started using them. Two capsules a day. This was about a week before my period was due to start. Oh by the way girls.. awesome app called My Calender is a period tracker - love it!

And so a few days after using it.. my period started on Saturday morning. It started light.. like it sometimes does - then you know day two is going to be horrible. Luckily I didn't feel any cramps that day because it was my turn to work on the weekend. I thought to myself: "Luckily it started now so I can sleep it off on Sunday."

Sunday came and my flow confirmed that I was definitely on my period (not just a false alarm like some spotting sometimes gives us) but something was different. I didn't have any cramps. Like nothing. Day three still nothing. It was the weirdest feeling ever! I literally had to check every now and again just to be sure it was still happening because the feeling of nothingness was just so strange to me. Is this was normal feels like? Is this how "normal" girls experience their period?

So my period ended on day 6 and to my amazement I didn't have one cramp during the whole process.. like not just mild cramps that I didn't need pain pills.. like zero cramps! When I woke up on Sunday with no cramps I thought I had to take advantage of this opportunity so my fiance and I went on a 15km hike. Not bad for day two...

Girls.. can I tell you.. this experience has been the most freeing thing ever! To think I can actually go on my with normal life and day to day activities without having to make excuses for my uterus is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

The Hormone Assist Capsules are pricey but I would pay it two times over each month if it meant that I can have a normal or even better than normal period like in November. The weirdest thing is that the ingredients in this blend by Future Health isn't the conventional Hormone balancing herbs.. it's a really interesting combination of ingredients - all natural and all mighty. I'm super impressed. Fingers crossed for the next one! I'm on one capsule a day for now. I'm going to up it to two a few days before I start again.

Basically what I experienced was a lighter flow, no nausea, no paleness, no cramps or pain, less moodiness (or at least what I could tell), no need for a pain pill, no need for a hot water bottle or a few more hours in bed, no need for a back rub (or no need more more usual) and since then weight loss - especially around my middel. Regarding the weight loss, I should just mention that I do pilates twice a week, watch what I eat and drink lots of green tea like my friend Beandri advised me to do. Something about that combo along with what a believe is miracle Hormone pills has helped me lose plenty kilos so far. I'm just so amazed by this products and even Dr Redelinghuys was surprised today when I told her that I had such amazing results after a week - normally natural supplements take longer period of time to start working.

I just hope that those of you that suffer with endometriosis, PCOS, dysmenorrhea or any other hormone related issues will try these capsules and see if it makes as much of a difference for you than it has for me. Invest in your health and invest in yourself. You deserve to have normal as well...

Here's the link if you would like to try it:

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