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Pilates - from couch potato to addict

In school I never used to be into sports or exercise - especially not the competitive kind. A couple of years ago, however, I discovered Pilates. It changed my life! Now I get withdrawal symptoms if I have to miss a class. At one point I was training 5 days a week and sometimes twice a day to catch up on classes.

Pilates just resonated with me. It's not competitive and I love that! You work at your own pace and see the improvements within your body, week to week. Joseph Pilates has a famous quote: “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body.” I heard this quote and decided to give it a chance and I definitely didn't stop at just 30 sessions. My body started to feel stronger and visibly looked more toned. I had more control over each muscle and exercises that I struggled with in the beginning became easier and easier. Even everyday activities became easier - like my body just coped better. I hardly ever run but the one day I went running with my husband and he loves running. We went up a hill and even though my lungs were burning (because I'm cardio-unfit), my legs seemed to be perfectly fine while my husband could go another 10km (fitness-wise) but his legs gave in half way up the hill. That's when I realized that the Pilates had strengthened my muscles.

My first exposure to Pilates was a few years ago that I did one of Eileen's classes. She had a big ball class planned and warned me that it was quite advanced. I was the youngest one (by far) in the class and everyone seemed to be fine with the exercises while I on the other hand was suffering. My muscles were stiff for two solid weeks after that class. It's a proper workout. You feel muscles working that you didn't know you had. Eileen is BASI Qualified and she's a really good instructor. Her classes are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (excluding Public Holidays and School Holidays).

I joined Yolanda's Pilates classes more recently. I love that she changes her classes often. We use different equipment in each class - small balls, stretchy bands, gliders, rings, big balls, hand weights and sometimes no equipment to work with the body's own weight and resistance. She's been BASI qualified since 2017 (to be confirmed) and I love her teaching style, explaining the exercises with the breath and guiding you through core engagement. She's got a variety of classes for different fitness levels and at different time slots. We're also excited to launch weekend workshops with Yolanda.

Do your body a favour and join a Pilates class - hopefully you'll become addicted too!

To book your class, contact the instructors directly:

Eileen de Jager 083 249 0151

Yolanda Janse van Rensburg 082 086 0606

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