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Oily business

I was terrified to put oils on my skin.. I thought to myself: OMW it's going to clog my pores and I'm going to break out so badly! I was wrong... The first time I used a serum on my face my skin absolutely loved it and it hasn't stopped loving it ever since. I'm not sure if serums are a new thing or if it's just a lot more popular lately. Most people would work their serum in with their night time skin care routine just before of just after their night cream.

I'm very lazy when it comes to skincare - the less, the better is my motto. As I've told my a lot of my clients, I use a day cream (Melan Hydra Day Creme) in the mornings and just oils on my face at night. That mix to me works wonders! I guess that when I'm older I might have to spice things up a little more though. My favourite skincare oil is Jojoja - I call it a serum which it isn't really but I just feel like it has enough benefits to qualify for me.

I remember a story that a client told me one day. He said that he was told to use Jojoba oil and being a guy he didn't know how much to use so he like literally poured it on his face and went to bed. He's like in his 30's - the next morning he woke up and said he looked like a 10 year old - like not a wrinkle in sight. Now I haven't experienced the same results yet.. maybe I'm just not using enough but I still feel that my face feels hydrated, plump, soft and moisturized the next morning. Why I love jojoba oil as well is that it is a super fine oil so it really draws in and doesn't leave a oily residue on the skin like coconut oil for example tends to do. An Aromatherapist once told me that Jojoba oil matches your skin's natural oils so your body accepts it as your own and allows it deep into the layers of the skin.

You get all kinds of serums these days... all containing different blends of carrier and essential oils. Rosehip is another nice oil - really high in Vitamin C which helps stimulate your natural collagen and thus it promotes anti-aging. Avocado oil is great for dry skin as it has a high fat content. Essential oils are a very personal thing - best is to research the best essential oils for your age and skin type and you can even mix a serum yourself. Pick oils that you enjoy the scent of and enjoy the journey of personalizing your skincare.

Over the years I've used such a wild combination of products on my skin and I think at the end of the day it comes down to a gut feeling. Obviously you have to nourish your body internally to have radiant skin but more than that - just listen to your body and really look at yourself in the mirror and see how your body is reacting to different products. Your skin will tell if it's happy or not.

You can shop for your favourite oils and serums in-store or online:

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