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Headaches is something that many people suffer from on a daily basis. No one can say exactly why, but women are three times more likely to experience headaches than men. It's probably our hormones... that's the explanation for a lot of things that go wrong with us, ey?

Anyways - here's my top 5 tips on how to get rid of those nasty headaches...

1. Hormones

Hormones is such a tricky subject - it really is very complicated but if you can get your #hormones sorted then things will just go a lot smoother for you and everyone around you. When hormones spike or drop they cause imbalanced and this can lead to headaches. Girls with #estrogen imbalances tend to have more headaches. My advise is to use #supplements that help #regulate your hormones.

2. Neck

If you get frequent #headaches it might also be due to a structural imbalance in the body. When I think of a #headache I think of the #neck. Bad #posture, driving a lot, stress and strange sleeping positions can all contribute to your headaches because they all put pressure on our very fragile necks. If there's tension on the neck the vertebrae tend to move out of #alignment and that pinches on nerves that go down the neck into the #back, as well as over the head to your headaches points, jaw, face and eyes. If you go for a #massage they will massage the muscles to relief the tension and stress. At Namo we do a mixed modality treatment that includes massage as well as spinal care to make sure that the spine is happy as well as the muscles. Henk specializes in neck issues and clients that come for regular #treatments find that their headache frequency drastically declines. Henk has a practice in #Stilbaai and in #George in the Garden Route.

3. Magnesium

Did you know that Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant? Your body will tense up if you don't have enough #Magnesium. By taking a magnesium supplement on a daily basis you will have a lot more #relaxed muscles and prevent #cramps at the same time. Magnesium also helps you #sleep which also equals less stress. Your brain and headache points will also benefit from the #relaxing qualities of some extra magnesium in the body. Imagine your #headache is like a massive and long lasting cramp in the head - magnesium can fix that.

4. Stress

The more #stress you have the more your muscles will tense up. When your body experiences stress you release the stress hormone, Cortisol. To come back to point 1, that's another hormone that can wobble your body and too much of it van definitely cause more headaches. You don't want to go on anxiety or anti-depressant medication unless it's absolutely necessary. Try natural supplements that will help keep your nervous system calm and relaxed. That brings me to my next point...

5. Herbs

I'm such a big fan of #herbs. I was raised on herbs and tissue salts since I was a baby so I'm living proof that it does work. For headaches my top suggestion would be Feverfew. It's amazing for any pain-cases and really effective for headaches and migraines. Taking herbs for stress will also help prevent headaches - these include Rhodiola, Valarian and Passion Flower. You can also try using Cayenne Pepper - it stimulates blood flow and opens up the veins. This will take the same kind of effect as a Disprin.

Then lastly... If you get a headache - drink lost of water (because yes it can be due to dehydration as well) and try to sleep it off. Take the time you have to rest and reflect. A lot of times it could also be the body telling you that you might have too much on your plate or that you're feeling overwhelmed or pressurized. Work through those emotions and you will feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders.

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