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Potassium Aspartate Capsules - Willow

Size: 50 Capsules


Potassium Aspartate:

Aid Overall Health / Cleanse/Digestion / Improve Sports / Increase Energy


Potassium aspartate is the combination of the mineral potassium and the salt form of the amino acid known as aspartic acid. Potassium and aspartic acid are found naturally in plants and animals.

Potassium aspartate supplements can improve your overall health and wellbeing as potassium is one of the most vital minerals in the body. Potassium aspartate supplements are necessary for the proper balance of fluids within the body.

Potassium Aspartate also works with the sodium levels in the body to prevent dehydration. Keeping the body in balance is vital for the body’s muscles, organs, and tissues to work properly.

Potassium Aspartate side effects can occur, so it is important to recognize possible side effects should you experience any.


When potassium is combined with aspartate, it produces more effective results. This is because the aspartate does not enter the liver but instead enters the blood stream directly for immediate use.

Aspartate as an amino acid helps with the breakdown of proteins within the body. Aspartate helps the proteins be converted into energy and requires the body to use less oxygen.

This can be extremely important when exerting energy! If the body can conserve oxygen, the levels of stamina are increased.

Potassium Aspartate Capsules - Willow


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