Organic Oat Bran - Namo Health
  • Packed With Nutrients. Oat bran has a well-balanced nutritional composition. 
  • High in Antioxidants. 
  • May Reduce Heart Disease Risk Factors. 
  • May Help Control Blood Sugar Levels. 
  • May Support Healthy Bowels. 
  • May Provide Relief for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 
  • May Lower Your Risk of Colorectal Cancer. 
  • May Aid Weight Loss.


Oat bran is the only grain allowed on the Dukan Diet. 


Oat bran has many uses: It may be cooked and used as a hot cereal, it can be sprinkled onto dishes as a topping without being cooked- for example over cold cereals, yogurt, or cottage cheese. Another popular idea is to add it to smoothies to get that extra boost of energy.

Organic Oat Bran - Namo Health