Organic Maca Powder - Health Connection

There is a range of potential benefits of maca root, including:

  • Increasing libido. 
  • Reducing erectile dysfunction. 
  • Boosting energy and endurance. 
  • Increasing fertility. 
  • Improving mood. 
  • Reducing blood pressure. 
  • Reducing sun damage. 
  • Fighting free radicals.


This cream-coloured powder has been milled from the sun-dried root of the maca plant. It has a slightly sweet, malty taste.


Serving and Usage suggestions

It can be added to cereal, porridge, juice, smoothies, yoghurt, milk, desserts and baked goods.

Ideal for adding to fresh fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies.

Country of Origin

Product of Peru

Organic Maca Powder - Health Connection