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Kali Sulph Tissue Salt #7 - Natura

Dry, scaly skin and scalp

Maintains healthy functioning of skin & epithelium


Used for

• Skin blemishes with sticky yellow discharges

• Blocked nose with yellow discharge

• Tendency to dandruff


Homoeophatic Mode of Action

Kali sulph is important for the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, and mucous membranes. It is indicated for dandruff, dry scalp, and balding. Kali sulph is also indicated for conditions associated with sticky, yellow discharges such as colds with greenish or yellow catarrh, bronchial asthma with yellow expectorations, eczema and seborrhoea, with watery yellow or green discharges.


Dosage and Directions

Dissolve 1-2 tablets under the tongue 3 times daily. May be taken hourly in acute cases. Consult your practitioner if symptoms persist.


Kali Sulph Tissue Salt #7 - Natura


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