Instant Chai Tea 500g - Pukka Pure
  • A delicious, anytime drink
  • Filled with vitamins 
  • Has uplifting properties

Pukka Chai Tea is an instant, milky-sweet treat based on the most royal of Indian masala tea recipes. It contains freshly ground cinnamon, ginger root, green cardamom and cloves blended together with essential vitamins to ensure optimum flavour and aroma to produce a delectable drink. Aromatic Pukka Chai is inspired by India's passion for spiced tea; a chai vendor is to be found on every street corner, regional variations abound and almost every Indian household has their own preferred combination. The pukka blend is a special favourite, having an exotic, uplifting character that is intensely tasty.


An aromatic blend of traditional tea masala flavourings. cinamon, green cardamon, ginger root and clove, sugar, milk powder (whey, corn syrup, wheat protein, dipotassium, phosphate, vegetable oil, anti caking agent, betacarotene, riboflavin, vitamins A and D3) all flavourings are freshly ground from whole spices to ensure optimum flavour and aroma.

Instant Chai Tea 500g - Pukka Pure