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Bronchial Relief - Pegasus

A homeopathic remedy for acute chest conditions e.g. coughs, wheezing, tight chest, whooping cough, croup.
For a very ‘wet’ or phlegmy cough, use muco drainol 30c instead.
If a chest infection is suspected, add anti-virabac 200c.

If using more than one remedy at a time, alternate dosing between the two remedies.


RemedySymptoms covered by specific remedy
Antimonium tartaricum 200cRattling of mucus giving rise to rapid, short breaths as if about to suffocate; loose cough with burning in chest.
Bryonia 30cDry hacking cough; patient holds chest, sides and head when coughing; sputum is rust in colour and may be streaked with blood.
Cortisone 6cAnti-inflammatory action without side effects of allopathic drug.
Ferrum phosphoricum 30cDry hacking cough that is often painful with a heavy chest.
Ipecacuanha 30cCough with wheezing. Incessant cough with tendency to vomit. Nosebleeds, tightness of chest, whooping cough, croup.
Kali bichromicum 30cCough with thick, sticky or stringy mucus, yellow or green. Hoarse voice, pain in ears when cough.
Kali muriaticum 30cHoarse, croupy, laryngeal cough with wheezing.
Natrum sulphuricum 30cShortness of breath and asthma with damp weather; thick, ropy green mucus; loose but violent cough.
Silicea30cViolent cough when lying down with thick yellow, lumpy mucus; bruised feeling in chest; cannot breathe deeply without pain; shortness of breath from exercise/exertion.
Spongia tosta 30cBarking, dry cough. Hoarseness, croupy cough. Difficult wheezy breathing. 

Bronchial Relief - Pegasus


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