The Natural Debate

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Our survival impulse has reactivated the ancient awareness of self-heal and self-help practices. Human instinct is working hard to create balance in a world that has become grossly artificial. This has created a shift towards natural living, healing and medicine.

Your body, a magnificent instrument, needs the right input to defend itself and avoid contamination.


Practically, this means we need:

•  Fresh Food for Nourishment & Healing
•  Clean Water & Air
•  Sunlight
•  Exercise
•  Proper Breathing
•  Non-Violent Behaviour
•  Positive Attitudes
•  Free Emotional Expression


The Myth of the Quick Fix:

We must understand the importance of allowing the natural healing cycle of our body to run its course. When we control symptoms with pharmaceuticals, we rob our body of opportunities to cleanse itself and boost its own immunity.

Ignorance forces people to opt for the artificial quick fixes that pharmaceuticals offer. Most of us do need this crutch occasionally and it has saved many lives. But the cure becomes a curse when it is used irresponsibly. Pharmaceuticals temporarily change physical symptoms, but cannot tackle the underlying causes to ensure true healing. People caught in the destructive drug cycle lose their inborn power, dignity, confidence and life savings.


Scientific Opposition:

It has been said that there is no scientific evidence for the benefits of “natural health products”. However, they are undeniably safer than synthesized drugs. Opponents claim that natural medicine is unscientific. Likewise, we can say that scientific medicine is unnatural. Pharmaceuticals have caused millions of deaths, none of which can claim “natural causes”. Your body is not a scientific device, but a wondrous natural creation.


Nutrition as Medicine:

Organic vegetables, fruit and herbs are truly natural medicine. In a perfect world, we would all eat super-energized food from our own gardens. But even plants grown with artificial fertilizers serve us with their natural ability to change negative into positive. Plant “wisdom” provides all we need to harmonize our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits. What we eat is our medicine.


Your Body’s Natural Cycles:

Our bodies have a natural waxing and waning rhythm that is essential to maintaining balance and health. We are subject to daily, monthly and seasonal cycles. A medical test run during a low point in the body’s natural cycle will often yield a negative result. Such a false alarm will trigger fear, which inturn creates disease.

Our bodies also go through major, life-changing cycles. The body responds to its own nature by initiating fertility (puberty) and ending it (menopause). Hormone Replacement Therapy suppresses the symptoms of this health-giving process. This transformation into a woman’s final, more spiritual phase of life is then interrupted and never fully completed. 

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