Magnesium Mustard Bath Salts

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These bath salts flush toxins out of the body. They also reduce inflammation and relieve muscle pain.While anyone can benefit from a mineral bath, it is particularly soothing for:

Colds • Diabetes • Sciatica • Various Skin Diseases • Neuritis
Lumbago • Kidney Disorders & Other Uric Acid Conditions
Post-Operative Care • Gynaecological Diseases
Recurring Infections • Rheumatism & Joint Diseases
Severe Insect Bites • Blisters or Wounds


Magnesium Sulphate  •  Mustard Powder  •  Mustard Oil
Eucalyptus Oil  •  Oil of Wintergreen 

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts):
The therapeutic benefits of an Epsom Salt bath are well documented in modern medical texts. Magnesium sulphate, which is readily absorbed through your skin,regulates the activity of more than 325 enzymes. It also plays a vital role in normalisingmany bodily functions. These include muscle control, electrical impulses, energy production and toxin removal.

Research reports that raising your magnesium levels may:
•  Improve Heart & Circulatory Health
•  Reduce Irregular Heartbeats
•  Prevent Hardening of Arteries
•  Reduce Blood Clots
•  Lower Blood Pressure
•  Ease Pain of Arthritis & Rheumatism
•  Improve your Body’s Ability to use Insulin
•  Flush Toxins & Heavy Metals from the Cells
•  Relieve Stress
•  Ease Muscle Pain


Mustard Powder & Mustard Oil:
Mustardstimulates circulation and reduces inflammation – thus balancing body heat. The oil is also a lubricant and a decongestant.


Eucalyptus Oil:
This oil boosts your circulation and thus the removal of waste from cells. As a result, it eases the pain of stiff muscles. Inhaled, eucalyptus oil relaxes the airways to promote decongestion.


Oil of Wintergreen:
Oil of wintergreen targets your muscles to reduce inflammation and rheumatic pain. It is also a diuretic, working against water retention.

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