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The Spine as a fire Hose

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Your spine as a Fire Hose

As human beings we can have a dramatic affect on how our bodies function and feel. The problem is that we have a negative effect more often rather than a positive. By becoming more aware we can systematically shift to a state of balance and vitality. Pain and discomfort is the body’s way of getting us to shift from an external only focus to giving some attention and care to the internal. What is happening in here as opposed to what is happening out there. When we do make that shift to the core of our bodies, we will find the spine. To understand the spine better we can use the metaphor of a fire hose. When the fire hose is empty, it is pliable and can easily be rolled into a bundle. When water is pumped through, it straightens out and can handle tremendous pressure.


The same as the fire hose our spines and surrounding muscles should be kept soft and flexible.   The “water” is a combination of feeling good and being inspired to doing something. The “pressure” is the desire and the expectation that we put on ourselves to achieve our dreams and visions. When you are unconscious, the body is totally relaxed and pliable but the more conscious you are, the stronger the energetic flow through the spine, and the more upright and vertically aligned you will tend to be. The more tired you are, the slower the flow, and the more your spine will tend to deviate from its natural position.


That is why it is also important to get sufficient sleep. During sleep the body uses most of its energy for healing and releasing the tensions of the day. The problem with stress is that it tightens the muscles and restricts the flow through the body. The body is a reflection of the mind and we should listen to what the body is trying to tell us. Like they say, it is the final straw that broke the camels back. In the same way we tend not to listen to what is reflected in the body until one day it simply just shuts down with a major malfunction. At that point we want to know where it all came from, however the answer often lies in a combination build-up of factors over a long period of time. That is why people at forty can’t understand why suddenly everything feels out of place. It is not your age, it is the twenty years before that age when you dramatically misused your body and seldom spent time to find out what it took to maintain good health.


With regular NaturMotion treatments the muscles can be kept relaxed and the spine aligned. The benefit of treatment is that you as the client have your body in a neutral space on the treatment bench, and you have only to focus on relaxing and allowing the body and mind to come to a state of unity and balance. The practitioner will gently guide the body, and the treatment helps you to remember what a relaxed and postural aligned body feels like. Due to the touch the mind/awareness is brought to those parts of the body that feel great and those that need more attention. This helps to cut off the external stresses and focuses on calming the body as a whole .At that moment it will directly affect the mind to release mental stress and provide the opportunity for the improved perspective to come forward. It is also this state that provides the best opportunity for healing to take place.


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