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What is it?

Martial Arts movements guide us to find our centre and a great awareness of balance within ourselves and our lives. Martial Arts is a dedicated process towards the perfect integration of body and mind.

Simple stretching exercises align the body and the repetitions of techniques and forms refine the spirit. Through this, we start to experience the wonder of human existence and cultivate harmony and understanding in our daily lives. This empowering process is accessible to all ages.

U-Focus is a unique system of stretching, moulding and strengthening exercises. It draws on the wisdom of Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan to create a technique that unifies body and mind into a dynamic unit. 

These exercises are uniquely designed to release blockages, create great posture and restore the body’s optimum function.

What are the benefits?

Yoga posture and Tao Yin fundamentals restore the body’s natural range of movement. The relaxed movements of Tai ChiChuan and Chi Kung improve the balance, coordination and focus of mind and body. Breathing techniques help your body relax more easily, quickly and deeply. They also super-oxygenate your system and enhance digestive functions.


Who is it for?

U-Focus is practiced by young and old. It is never too late, or too early, to empower your body and inspire your mind. Our classes will introduce you to a joyful, healthier and more flexible way of life.


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